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Low country blues (CD)

Gregg Allman. |

Blessed (CD)

Lucinda Williams. |

Norwegian folk tales

illustrated by Erik Werenskiold, Theodor Kittelsen ; translated by Pat Shaw, Carl Norman. |

Folktales from India

selected and edited by A.K. Ramanujan. |

Genius of place

Justin Martin. |

American folklore

edited by Jan Harold Brunvand. |

American woman

Susan Choi. |


David L. Wolper Productions ; Warner Bros. Television ; producer, Stan Margulies ; writers, William Blinn, M. Charles Cohen, Ernest Kinoy, James Lee ; directors, Marvin J. Chomsky, John Erman, David Greene, Gilbert Moses. |

The wild one

Columbia Pictures ; Stanley Kramer Productions ; producer, Stanley Kramer ; screenplay, John Paxton ; director, Laslo Benedek. |


Sony Pictures Classics ; subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura ; en colaboraciâon con Television Espaänola ; una produccion de Andrâes Vincente Gâomez ; un film de Pedro Almodâovar ; guiâon Jesus Ferrero, Pedro Almodâovar ; productor ejecutivo, Andre |

Desperate characters

Paula Fox ; introduction by Jonathan Franzen. |

Street art

Cedar Lewisohn. |

A strange stirring

Stephanie Coontz. |

Marriage, a history

Stephanie Coontz.. |

The feminine mistake

Leslie Bennetts. |


Offside e RAI Cinema presentano ; una coproduzione Italo Francese, Rai Cinema, Offside, Celluloid Dreams ; sceneggiatura, Marco Bellocchio e Daniela Ceselli ; prodotto di Mario Gianani ; un film di Marco Bellocchio. |

The oath

Praxis Films & The Independent Television Service in association with American Documentary, POV ; a Zeitgeist Films release ; produced and directed by Laura Poitras. |

Changing horses

Ben Kweller. |

Dirt farmer

Helm, Levon. |

The whole equation

David Thomson. |


by Donald E. Westlake. |

A sport and a pastime

James Salter ; [introduction by Reynolds Price]. |

That sweet enemy

Robert and Isabelle Tombs. |