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Elizabeth Horowitz. |

The art of watercolor painting

[authors Thomas Needham, Roland Pratt, Helen Tse, Deb Watson, Nancy Wylie.]. |

Learn to paint with watercolors

Wendy Jelbert and Ian Sidaway. |

Watercolor secrets

Robin Berry. |

Watercolour landscapes

Terry Harrison. |


Ronald Pratt. |

Watercolour landscapes

Richard Bolton ... [et al.]. |

Seascapes & sunsets

by Thomas Needham. |

Basic watercolor techniques

edited by Greg Albert and Rachel Wolf. |

Painting the impressionist watercolor

Lee Boynton, Linda Gottlieb. |

The natural world in watercolour

Jean-Claude Chaillou. |

Watercolour tips & techniques

Arnold Lowrey ... [et al.]. |


Alwyn Crawshaw, June Crawshaw, Trevor Waugh. |

Watercolor A to Z

Grant Fuller. |

30-Minute landscapes

by Paul Talbot-Greaves. |


[text and coordination, David Sanmiguel]. |

Understanding color

Marcia Moses. |