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BIG Questions Philosophy Meetup

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by Jay Stevenson. -- |


Paul Oliver. |


Stephen Law. |


Nigel Warburton. |


Michael Boylan, Charles Johnson. |


Peter Cave. -- |


Sharon Kaye. -- |


Frank Cunningham ... [et al.]. |

On philosophy

Garrett Thomson. |

A beginner's guide to philosophy

Dominque Janicaud ; translated [from the French] by Lisabeth During. |

Children's book of philosophy

[editor, Ann Baggaley ; US editor, Margaret Parrish ; authors, Sarah Tomley, Marcus Weeks]. |

Heads up philosophy

written by Marcus Weeks ; [U.S. editors, John Searcy, Allison Singer ; illustration, Daniela Boraschi ... et al.]. |

Introducing philosophy

Dave Robinson & Judy Groves ; [originating editor: Richard Appignanesi]. |

The little book of philosophy

Andrâe Comte-Sponville ; translated from the French by Frank Wynne. |

The Oxford companion to philosophy

edited by Ted Honderich. |

Chinese philosophy

Peter H. Nancarrow. |

Greek philosophy

Sophia Macdonald. -- |

The Simpsons and philosophy

edited by William Irwin, Mark T. Conrad, and Aeon J. Skoble. -- |

Philosophy demystified

Robert Arp, Jamie Carlin Watson. -- |

Philosophy bites

David Edmonds & Nigel Warburton. -- |

The ultimate Harry Potter and philosophy

edited by Gregory Bassham. |

History of Western philosophy

David Boersema, Kari Middleton. -- |

What philosophy can do

Gary Gutting. |

Classical philosophy

Peter Adamson. |

Philosophy 101

Paul Kleinman ; [interior illustrations by Eric Andrews]. -- |

The philosophy book

[editors, Cecile Landau, Andrew Szudek, Sarah Tomley ; illustrations, James Graham]. -- |