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Our Lord Don Quixote

Miguel de Unamuno ; translated by Anthony Kerrigan, with an introd. by Walter Starkie. |

The English drama and stage under the Tudor and Stuart princes, 1543-1664,

illustrated by a series of documents, treatises, and poems. With a preface and index. |

The Shakspere allusion-book;

originally compiled by C. M. Ingleby, L. Toulmin Smith and by F. J. Furnivall, with the assistance of the New Shakspere Society. Re-edited, revised, and re-arranged, with an introd. by John Munro and now re-issued with a preface by Edmund Chambers. |

The doubtful plays of William Shakspeare,

with glossarial and other notes by William Hazlitt. |

The interludes of Cervantes

translated from the Spanish, with a pref. and notes, by S. Griswold Morley. |

Christopher Marlowe

Constance Brown Kuriyama. |