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BKLYN eclipse, the moon, and space

A total solar eclipse, visible from the United States, will occur on August 21, 2017. We're featuring nonfiction books about eclipses, Earth's moon, space, and astrophysics. Learn more about the eclipse at:

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American eclipse

David Baron. |


Frank Close. |


Mark Littmann and Fred Espenak. |

Sun, moon, Earth

Tyler Nordgren. |

Mask of the sun

John Dvorak. |

Rocket science for the rest of us

written by Ben Gilliand ; consultant, Jack Challoner. |

Space chronicles

Neil deGrasse Tyson ; edited by Avis Lang. |

The edge of the sky

Roberto Trotta. |

Wonders of the universe

Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen. |

The unknown universe

Stuart Clark, Ph.D.. |


David A. Rothery. |

The glass universe

Dava Sobel. |

The hunt for Vulcan

Thomas Levenson. |

Big bang

Simon Singh. |


James Attlee. |

The Sun and the moon

Matthew Goodman. |

The book of the moon

Rick Stroud. |

Chasing Shadows A Photographer Captures Solar Eclipses Around the World


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