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The mysteries within

Sherwin B. Nuland. |

The Oath

Khassan Baiev, with Ruth and Nicholas Daniloff. |

Blue collar, blue scrubs

Michael J. Collins, M.D. |

Healing hearts

Kathy Magliato. |

Body of work

Christine Montross. |

Becoming a doctor

edited by Lee Gutkind. |

Between expectations

by Meghan MacLean Weir. |

What patients taught me

by Audrey Young. |

The House of God

Samuel Shem. |

In stitches

Anthony Youn with Alan Eisenstock. |


Sandeep Jauhar. |

The web that has no weaver

Ted J. Kaptchuk. |

The end of poverty

Jeffrey Sachs. |

An inconvenient truth

Al Gore ; [adapted for young readers by Jane O'Connor]. |

The cigarette century

Allan M. Brandt. |

On doctor[i]ng

edited by Richard Reynolds and John Stone ; Lois LaCivita Nixon and Delese Wear, associate editors. |

Pathologies of power

Paul Farmer ; with a foreword by Amartya Sen. |

The diving bell and the butterfly

Jean-Dominique Bauby ; translated from the French by Jeremy Leggatt. |


Mary Roach. |

Powerful medicines

Jerry Avorn. |

The hot zone

Richard Preston. |


James Cole. |