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Kevin J. Anderson. |

Water, weather and prehistory.

With a foreword by Sir Mortimer Wheeler. |

Traces of the past

Joseph B. Lambert. |

Time and traditions

Bruce G. Trigger. |

The three ages

by Glyn E. Daniel ... |

Science in archaeology;

Edited by Don Brothwell and Eric Higgs. With a foreword by Grahame Clark. |

The Ice Maiden

Johan Reinhard. |

A guide to field methods in archaeology;

by Robert F. Heizer and John A. Graham. With a chapter by Sonia Ragir. |

Frozen girl

David Getz ; illustrations by Peter McCarty. |

Experimental archeology

edited by Daniel Ingersoll, John E. Yellen, and William Macdonald. |

Native American shipwrecks

James P. Delgado. |

Memoirs of Heinrich Schliemann;

[edited, introduced, annotated, and in part, translated] by Leo Deuel. |

Gu mu tan mi =

Zeng qi ying zhi xing zhu bian. |

Every bone tells a story

Jill Rubalcaba and Peter Robertshaw. |

Archaeology and the landscape;

Edited by P. J. Fowler. |

Archaeology and history;

[by] D. P. Dymond. |

The application of quantitative methods in archaeology,

edited by Robert F. Heizer and Sherburne F. Cook. |

The amateur archaeologist's handbook

Maurice Robbins, with Mary B. Irving. |

Digging up the past

by Sir Leonard Woolley. |

The buried soul

Timothy Taylor. |

The atlas of world archaeology

edited by Paul G. Bahn ; [foreword by Barry Cunliffe] |

The archaeology detectives

consulting editor, Paul Bahn. |

Archaeology and the religion of Israel;

by William Foxwell Albright. |


Amos Nur ; with Dawn Burgess. |