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Family Storytime @ TC June 29 & July 3, 2013 - Canada Day + Reading All the Way!!!

Reading is a very fun and exciting activity to do for ALL ages! It is very important for children to develop a good reading habit, in order to learn some new vocabulary words and phrases each day. By reading the same book, repeating the words and phrases, as well as talking about the characters and plot from the book would serve helpful for your children. Don't forget to ask those important questions along the way!

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Miss Brooks loves books! (and I don't)

story by Barbara Bottner ; illustrations by Michael Emberley. -- |

Rocket writes a story

by Tad Hills. -- |

Lola reads to Leo

Anna McQuinn ; illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw. -- |

I'm not reading

Jonathan Allen. -- |

Hooray for Reading Day!

by Margery Cuyler ; illustrated by Arthur Howard. -- |

Born to read

story by Judy Sierra ; pictures by Marc Brown. -- |

It's a book

Lane Smith. -- |

How do you read to a rabbit

Andrea Wayne von Kèonigslèow. -- |

How to teach a slug to read

by Susan Pearson ; illustrated by David Slonim. -- |

Canada Day

by Patricia J. Murphy ; consultants, Nanci Vargus, Katharine A. Kane. |

Canada Day

Heather Kissock. -- |

Canada Day

Molly Aloian. -- |

The bear in the book

Kate Banks ; pictures by Georg Hallensleben. -- |