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Humor and comic relief

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Too many songs

by Tom Lehrer : with not enough drawings by Ronald Searle ; piano arrangements by Tom Lehrer and Frank Metis. |

Tom Lehrer's second song book

[words and music] by Tom Lehrer ; piano transcriptions by Frank Metis ; Illustrations by Ted Scheel. |

How to be a woman

Caitlin Moran. |

Encyclopedia of Jewish humor

Compiled and edited by Henry D. Spalding with a glossary by Dorothy H. Rochmis. |

Every man in his humor,

edited by Gabriele Bernhard Jackson. |

Mark Twain's library of humor

edited by Samuel Langhorne Clemens, William Dean Howells, and Charles Hopkins Clark ; illustrated by E.W. Kemble. |

Poetry of American wit and humor,

selected by Frederic Lawrence Knowles (R. L. Paget, pseud.) |

The week-end book of humor.

Selected by P. G. Wodehouse and Scott Meredith. General introd. by Mr. Wodehouse. Introductions to selections by Mr. Meredith. |

Traditional Chinese humor;

[by] Henry W. Wells. |

The best of Bill Nye's humor;

selections from the nineteenth-century American humorist, by Bill Nye. Edited for the modern reader by Louis Hasley. |

Veins of humor

edited by Harry Levin. |

The psychology of humor;

Edited by Jeffrey H. Goldstein [and] Paul E. McGhee. With a foreword by H. J. Eysenck. |

On humor

Luigi Pirandello ; Introduced, translated, and annotated by Antonio Illiano and Daniel P. Testa. |

Humor, wit, & fantasy

compiled by Pam Pollack, under the general editorship of Harold H. Hart. |

Humor in early Islam

by Franz Rosenthal. |

A Treasure-trove of American Jewish humor

edited by Henry D. Spalding. |

Children's humor

by Martha Wolfenstein ; foreword by Alan Dundes |

America's humor;

[by] Walter Blair [and] Hamlin Hill. |

Joys of Italian humor and folklore

[compiled] by Henry D. Spalding. |

Ontology of humor

by Bob W. Parrott. |

A Collection of classic Southern humor

edited by George William Koon. |

Critical essays on American humor

[edited by] William Bedford Clark, W. Craig Turner. |

Humor and laughter

Mahadev L. Apte. |

Humor and the Presidency

by Gerald R. Ford. |

Humor and comedy in puppetry

edited by Dina Sherzer and Joel Sherzer. |

A treasury of humor

Eric W. Johnson ; illustrations by Howard S. L. Coale. |

The Big book of Jewish humor

edited and annotated by William Novak, Moshe Waldoks. |

Encyclopedia of black folklore and humor

compiled and edited by Henry D. Spalding ; introduction by J. Mason Brewer. |

Russell Baker's book of American humor

edited by Russell Baker. |

A Treasury of Jewish humor

edited by Nathan Ausubel. |

Roy Blount's book of Southern humor

edited by Roy Blount, Jr. |

Gutter humor

Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo. |