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Implacable foes

Waldo Heinrichs and Marc Gallicchio. |

Ambrose Bierce

Roy Morris, Jr. |

A history of Hungary

Lâaszlâo Kontler. |

Mayakovsky's revolver

Matthew Dickman. |

Farewell to the world

Marzio Barbagli ; translated by Lucinda Byatt. |

Imaginary homelands

Salman Rushdie. |

Able Archer 83

edited by Nate Jones ; with a foreword by Tom Blanton. |

Political hypocrisy

David Runciman. |

The confidence trap

David Runciman. |

The ruined house : a novel

Namdar, Ruby, 1964- author. |


Fran Ross ; foreword by Danzy Senna ; afterword by Harryette Mullen. |

Change they can't believe in

Christopher S. Parker, Matt A. Barreto. |


Kate Brown. |

The naked tourist

Lawrence Osborne. |

Bangkok days

Lawrence Osborne. |

Beyond belief

V.S. Naipaul. |

Novels & stories 1950-1962

Kurt Vonnegut ; Sidney Offit, editor. |

Novels 1987-1997

Kurt Vonnegut ; Sidney Offit, editor. |

Novels, 1976-1985

Kurt Vonnegut ; Sidney Offit, editor. |

No enemies, no hatred

Liu Xiaobo ; edited by Perry Link, Tienchi Martin-Liao, and Liu Xia ; with a foreword by Vâaclav Havel. |

The ideas industry

Daniel W. Drezner. |

The world of yesterday

Stefan Zweig ; newly translated by Anthea Bell. |

New York calling

edited by Marshall Berman and Brian Berger. |

The silent clowns

by Walter Kerr. |

The kingdom

Emmanuel Carráere ; translated by John Lambert. |

Lives other than my own

Emmanuel Carráere ; translated by Linda Coverdale. |

From stone to flesh

Donald S. Lopez Jr. |

The Tibetan book of the dead

Donald S. Lopez, Jr. |

My life as a Russian novel

Emmanuel Carráere ; translated by Linda Coverdale. |

One another's equals

Jeremy Waldron. |

The current that carries

by Lisa Graley. |

The jungle around us

by Anne Raeff. |

The occupation trilogy

Patrick Modiano ; with a preface by William Boyd. |

The nurture assumption

by Judith Rich Harris. |

Red fortress

Catherine Merridale. |

Last notes from home

Frederick Exley. |

The master letters

by Lucie Brock-Broido. |

Lenin on the train

Catherine Merridale. |

Night of stone

Catherine Merridale. |

Novels & stories 1963-1973

Kurt Vonnegut ; Sidney Offit, editor. |

How emotions are made

Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D.. |

The ends of the world

Peter Brannen. |

Sophisticated rebels

H. Stuart Hughes. |

The invisible line

Daniel J. Sharfstein. |

Thunder in the mountains

Daniel J. Sharfstein. |