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The detox prescription

Woodson Merrell, MD, with Mary Beth Augustine, MS, RDN, and Hillari Dowdle ; with a foreword by Dean Ornish, MD. |

50 ways to boost your metabolism

Fredrik Paulâun ; translated by Ellen Hedstrèom. |

Beat overeating now!

Scott Isaacs. |

Mindless eating

Brian Wansink. |

The hunger fix

Pamela Peeke with Mariska van Aalst. |

Raw food detox

Ulrika Davidsson ; photography by Malte Danielsson ; [translation by Stine Osttveit]. |

The stress cure

Vern S. Cherewatenko and Paul Perry. |


Peter and Beryn Daniel. |

The raw food lifestyle

Ruthann Russo. |

Raw energy

Stephanie Tourles. |

Becoming raw

Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina with Rynn Berry. |

Spiritual nutrition

by Gabriel Cousens. |

Going raw

Judita Wignall ; photography by Matt Wignall. |

12 steps to raw foods

by Victoria Boutenko ; forward by Gabriel Cousens. |

Raw family signature dishes

Victoria Boutenko. |

Slim for life

Gillian McKeith. |

Total renewal

Frank Lipman with Stephanie Gunning. |

Fresh fruit cleanse

Leanne Hall. |

There is a cure for diabetes

by Gabriel Cousens ; with David Rainoshek. |

Juice fasting bible

Sandra Cabot. |

Liquid raw

Lisa Montgomery. |

The juicing bible

Pat Crocker. |

The joy of juicing

Gary Null, with Shelly Null. |


Gerard Thorne. |

Diet-free for life

Robert Ferguson. |

The food revolution

John Robbins ; foreword by Dean Ornish. |


Fiona Hill. |

Enzymes and enzyme therapy

Anthony J. Cichoke. |

Eat yourself slim

Michel Montignac. |

Cardio burn.

director, Michael Badertscher ; producer, Dave Simmons. |

Cardio burn.

director, Michael Badertscher ; producer, Dave Simmons. |

The IntenSati method

Patricia Moreno. |


Judith Hanson Lasater. |

Pose encyclopedia

Yoga Journal & Active Interest Media ; Read and Watch Entertainment. |

Freeing the body, freeing the mind

edited by Michael Stone ; foreword by Robert Thurman. |

The end of overeating

David A. Kessler. |

Essential eating

Janie Quinn ; foreword by Ozgen Dogan. |