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Do they Marry a Famous Actress who actually trusted and saw something decent enough in him...Adopt two Asian Daughters, supposed sisters, just to be fuckin the eldest one and leave Polaroid pics for the wife to find after how many years of carrying out this double Whammy of a Deception!

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Visible lives

Terrance Dean, James Earl Hardy, Stanley Bennett Clay. |

Hiding in hip hop

Terrance Dean. |

Staying true

Jenny Sanford. |

Death of the cheating man

Maxwell Billieon, Ray J. |


Robin Merrow MacCready. |

A lie for a lie

Robin Merrow MacCready. |

He's just not up for It anymore

Bob Berkowitz and Susan Yager-Berkowitz. |

Evolution, gender, and rape

edited by Cheryl Brown Travis. |

100 must-read books for men

Stephen E. Andrews and Duncan Bowis ; foreword by Toby Litt. |

The subordinate sex;

[by] Vern L. Bullough, with the assistance of Bonnie Bullough. |


Peter McAllister. |

Men who love men

William J. Mann. |

Men who love men

William J. Mann. |

Men who hate women & the women who love them

Susan Forward and Joan Torres. |

To have and to hurt

Angela Browne-Miller ; foreword by Arun Gandhi. |

Men cry in the dark

Michael Baisden. |

Men cry in the dark

I'm Ready Productions, Inc. ; produced by Je'Caryous Johnson, Gary Guidry ; story by Je'Caryous Johnson, Gary Guidry ; play script by Je'Caryous Johnson ... [et al.] ; director, Je'Caryous Johnson. |

The Maintenance man

Michael Baisden. |

God's gift to women

Michael Baisden. |