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BKLYN Teacher Lab: Spanish-Language Cultures (Gr: 6-12)

Texts and resources examining the history and culture of several Spanish-language countries and communities. Resource list for Grades 6-12; developed for the Brooklyn Teacher Lab Summer 2014.

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Richard A. Crooker and Zoran Pavloviâc. |

Lucha libre

written & illustrated by Xavier Garza. |

The poet slave of Cuba

Margarita Engle ; art by Sean Qualls. |

The cooking of Mexico

Matthew Locricchio; with photos by Jack McConnell. |

Enciclopedia del espaänol en los Estados Unidos

Humberto Lâopez Morales, coordinador. |

Huatya Curi y los cinco câondores

recreado por Melinda Lilly ; ilustrado por Charles Reasoner ; adaptado al espaänol por Queta Fernâandez. |

Myths, legends & traditional holidays from Latin America

[created by Pedro Ros and Claudia Cazorla]. |


[texto y fotografâias, Edgar de Puy y Francisco Sâanchez]. |


Jeanette Winter. |

Parrots over Puerto Rico

by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore ; collages by Susan L. Roth. |

"Slavery in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba." DISCovering Multicultural America, 2003


Reference article - available through "Student Resources in Context" database (requires login with BPL library card). Audio transcript available. Description: discusses the history of the transatlantic slave trade to Latin American countries

"America's Gone Bananas: Here's How It Happened" NPR, 2012


Radio segment - available via Text transcript available. Description: Today, Americans take bananas for granted. But how did a pale, fragile tropical fruit become so commonplace in America?

Guatemalan banana plantation, ca. 1950


Primary Source (photograph) Hulton Archive/Getty Images - available via "The American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience" database (requires login with NYPL library card). Worker on a banana plantation in Guatemala, ca. 1950.

"A Saturday Night Slice of the Old South Side at Toñita’s" by Kristen Clark, Brooklyn Based, 2014


Blog article - available via Description: Opened in 1973, Toñita’s is one of the very last Puerto Rican bars remaining in Los Sures, a historically Hispanic section of Williamsburg’s South Side. The bar's regulars are bound together by food, music and a palpable sense of community, in a neighborhood that’s lost more than 10,000 Latino residents to gentrification over the last decade.

"America" West Side Story, 1961


Primary Source (video clip) - available via Description: Puerto Rican immigrants sing and dance to describe their life in New York City.