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Bklyn BookMatch: Graphic Novels for Fans of Black Panther and the Marvel Universe

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Black Panther

writer, Christopher Priest ; pencilers, Joe Quesada, Mark Texeira, Vince Evans, Joe Jusko, Mike Manley, Mark Bright & Sal Velluto with Amanda Conner ; inkers, Mark Texeira, Alitha Martinez, Vince Evans, Joe Jusko, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mike Manley, Nelson DeCa |

Black Panther

writer, Reginald Hudlin ; artist, John Romita Jr. Who is the Black Panther. |

Black Panther

writer, David Liss ; artists, Jefte Palo (issues #523.1 & #529), Shawn Martinbrough (issues #525-526 & #529), Michael Avon Oeming (issues #527-528) ; colorists, Jean-Francois Beaulieu (issues #523.1 & #529), Felix Serrano (issues #525-529), with Jesus Abu |

Ultimate comics Spider-Man

writer: Brian Michael Bendis ; letterer: VC's Cory Petit. |


Brian K. Vaughan ; artists, Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazawa. |

Young Avengers.

Kieron Gillen, writer ; Jamie McKelvie, Mike Norton, artist ; Matthew Wilson, color artist ; VC's Clayton Cowles, letterer. |

Ms. Marvel.

writer, G. Willow Wilson ; artist, Adrian Alphona. |


Matt Fraction, writer ; David Aja, artist, #1-3, Javier Pulido, artist, #4-5 ; Matt Hollingsworth, color artist ; Chris Eliopoulos, letterer. |

Astonishing X-men.

writer, Joss Whedon ; artists, John Cassaday ; colorist, Laura Martin ; letterer, Chris Eliopoulos. |

All-star Superman.

[written by] Grant Morrison ; [pencilled by] Frank Quitely ; with Jamie Grant. |


Noelle Stevenson. |


Brian K. Vaughan, writer ; Fiona Staples, artist ; Fonograpiks, lettering + design ; Eric Stephenson, coordinator. |