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Five Under-The-Radar Mystery Series

These are five mystery series that might not be to you as well-known as others. We have most of one of the series in the basement and another of the series is mostly in paperback. While our basement is not handicap-accessible, we always can get a book for you. Just ask a staff member. Paperbacks often can be found on the bottom of shelves in the main room.

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Devil in a blue dress

Walter Mosley. | Paperback

Made into a movie with Denzel Washington. The first in the Easy Rawlins series, a hardboiled African-American detective series not to be missed. My favorite in the series for its unflinching portrayal of Rawlins: White Butterfly. We have the start of the series in the basement. Ask a staff member and we can get them for you.

The collaborator of Bethlehem

Matt Beynon Rees. | Hardcover

This series only has four books in it, but when I discovered this in the late 2000s, I remember enjoying it. It's about a history teacher who teams up with a police chief in Palestine to solve mysteries.

The ranger

Ace Atkins. | Paperback

Ace Atkins was commissioned by the estate of Robert B. Parker to continue the Spenser series after Parker died in 2010. However, Atkins has his own series, with ex-Army Ranger Quinn Colson returning to his native Mississippi to become a sheriff. The series also is in development as an HBO series.

A drink before the war

Dennis Lehane. | Mass Market Paperback

Dennis Lehane is most famous for his books, Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and Shutter Island, all of which were made into movies. Gone Baby Gone was the fourth in a series about two private investigators in South Boston, Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro. The first is a Drink Before The War and all in the series that concludes with A Moonlight Mile and all are very good.

Bluebird, bluebird

Attica Locke. |

This series follows African-American Texas Ranger Darren Matthews as he investigates murders. I loved Locke's other books, especially The Cutting Season.


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