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BKLYN Green New Meal: The Food-Climate Connection

How does our current food system affect the climate, and how does climate change affect the quality and availability of food? What methods and policies can protect both the climate and the food supply? And who’s farming in Brooklyn? his list of books was put together by the panelists in the "Green New Meal: The Food-Climate Connection" event at Central Library 12/11/19. Join us for more Climate Wednesdays events, through May 2020. Want more book recommendations? Ask a librarian!

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The soil will save us!

Kristin Ohlson. |

Diet for a hot planet

Anna Lappâe, with a forward by Bill McKibben. |


Bill McKibben. |

Locavore's handbook

Leda Meredith. |

A Planet to Win : Why We Need a Green New Deal

Aronoff, Kate/ Battistoni, Alyssa/ Cohen, Daniel Aldana/ Riofrancos, Thea/ Klein, Naomi (FRW) |


edited by Paul Hawken. |

Food rebellions!

Eric Holt-Gimâenez and Raj Patel ; with Annie Shattuck. |

Appetite for profit

Michele Simon. |

Salt, sugar, fat

Michael Moss. |

Climate Wednesdays Events at the Central Library


How can Brooklynites confront the climate crisis? What needs to change, and how can we make sure that change will be equitable? Over eight evenings thinkers and activists will share their ideas about the crisis and offer strategies for effective action.