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BKLYN Bookmatch: For fans of Jane Austen, Sally Rooney, Stephen King, and Sarah Pinborough

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Memento mori

Muriel Spark. |

In late 1950s London, a group of aging eccentrics is brought together by a series of uncanny events. Lettie Colston is the first to receive an anonymous phone call from an insinuating voice reminding her that she must die. Soon, ten of Lettie's friends also receive the call. In the flurry that results from these seemingly supernatural messages, a bizarre investigation is launched that reveals a network of deception binding the group, including such dark secrets as blackmail and adultery.

Some tame gazelle

Barbara Pym. |

In her first novel, Pym demonstrates her deep understanding of female relationships—in this case, exploring the bond between two sisters. Harriet and Belinda Bede may live together, but they couldn’t be more different: Belinda is responsible and reserved, especially when it comes to discussing her 30-year crush on a married archdeacon. Meanwhile, Harriet is the typical younger sister—an unabashed extrovert who refuses to be tied down by anyone. But when Edgar Donne arrives in their small English town, the locals are thrown for a loop—including the Bede sisters. Some Tame Gazelle is certainly about the complexities of romantic love, but its best and most powerful love story is the one between Harriet and Belinda.


Jo Baker. |

A reimagining of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" from the perspectives of its below-stairs servants captures the drama of the Bennet household from the sideline viewpoint of Sarah, an orphaned housemaid.

Trust exercise / a novel

Choi, Susan, 1969- author. |

Winner of the 2019 National Book Award & read-alike for Sally Rooney's novels. Falling in love while attending a competitive 1980s performing arts high school, David and Sarah rise through the ranks before the realities of their family dynamics and economic statuses trigger a spiral that impacts their adult lives.

The talented Mr. Ripley

Patricia Highsmith. |

In order to convince his son to come home, Herbert Greenleaf, a rich shipbuilder, sends Tom Ripley to Italy, but is unaware of his son's friend's criminal activities.

Tangerine : a novel

Mangan, Christine, author. |

Arriving in Tangier with her new husband only to encounter the estranged best friend she has not seen in more than a year, Alice allows her friend to introduce her to the rhythms and culture of Morocco, only to be quickly stifled by the woman's controlling nature, a situation that turns sinister when her husband goes missing.

The flight attendant : a novel

Bohjalian, Chris, 1962- author. |

A binge-drinking flight attendant wakes up in an unfamiliar hotel room beside a dead body and sneaks back to her work, telling a series of lies that complicate her ability to figure out what really happened. A super compelling and addictive novel with twists and turns.

All the missing girls

Megan Miranda. |

In a story told in reverse over the course of fifteen days, Nicolette Farrell, returning to her rural hometown ten years after the disappearance of her best friend, attempts to unravel the truth about the disappearance of another young woman.