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Bklyn Cycle Alliance--Ready, Set, Flow!

The Cycle Alliance aims to challenge menstruation stigmas and period poverty. These are titles and resources to help us on our journey.

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Revenge of the Red Club

Harrington, Kim |

When middle school journalist Riley Dunne learns that the school's important and beloved period support club is being shut down, she uses the power of the pen to instigate much-needed social change.

Period power : a manifesto for the menstrual movement

Okamoto, Nadya, author. |

This is a book about gender equality in the United States and how to engage in activism to get there.

Periods Gone Public : Taking a Stand for Menstrual Equity

Weiss-wolf, Jennifer |

After centuries of being shrouded in taboo and superstition, periods have gone mainstream. Seemingly overnight, a new, high-profile movement has emerged--one dedicated to bold activism, creative product innovation, and smart policy advocacy--to address the centrality of menstruation in relation to core issues of gender equality and equity.

The period book

by Karen Gravelle & Jennifer Gravelle ; illustrations by Debbie Palen. |

Heavy Flow : Breaking the Curse of Menstruation

Laird, Amanda |

The fact is, women around the world are taught the bare minimum about menstruation, and the messages they do receive are negative: that periods are painful and gross, turn us into hormonal messes, and shouldn't be discussed. By examining the history of period shame and stigma and its effects on women's health and wellness today, and providing a crash course in menstrual self-care, Heavy Flow aims to lift the veil on menstruation, change the narrative, and break the "curse" once and for all.

The hormone myth : how junk science, gender politics, and lies about PMS keep women down

DeLuca, Robyn Stein, author. |

Although the idea that women become raving lunatics when their hormones fluctuate is firmly entrenched in American culture, a thorough examination of the evidence overwhelmingly tells us otherwise.


Ann Byers. |

Mam?, me ha venido la regla / Mom, the Period has Come

Serrano, Julia |

El libro que sostienes en tus manos respondera a una simple pregunta y generara un millon de preguntas mas. ""Era entre marron y rojo... No me he asustado, sabia que pasaria y se que es motivo de ALEGRIA.

Helloflo : the guide, period.

Bloom, Naama, author. |

Information and anecdotes about puberty for girls from the founder of the popular website

Period : twelve voices tell the bloody truth

Feiwel and Friends (COR)/ Farrell, Kate (INT) |

In this collection, writers of various ages and across racial, cultural, and gender identities share stories about the period. Each of our twelve authors brings an individual perspective and sensibility. They write about homeless periods, nonexistent periods, male periods, political periods, and more. Told with warmth and humor, these essays celebrate all kinds of period experiences.

I've got my period. so what?

Henry, Clara, author. |

Your period. What is it, really? And why is it so embarrassing to walk to the bathroom hiding a tampon in your sleeve? Comedian and Scandinavian YouTube sensation Clara Henry has the answers to all your burning questions about bleeding.


Elissa Stein and Susan Kim. |

Language -- Where we are today -- So how did we get here? -- Hysteria -- Seeing red -- Sex and religion -- Society's role -- Timeline -- Happily ever after -- Advertising -- The scent of a woman -- So now you're a woman! -- Back to basics -- When good periods go bad -- Staunching the flow -- Hey, is it getting hot in here? -- Outside the box.

Out for blood

Breanne Fahs. |

Menstruation. Menstruation -- Social aspects. Menstruation -- Public opinion.

Menstrual Cycle Resources


egular menstrual periods in the years between puberty and menopause are usually a sign that your body is working normally. Irregular or heavy, painful periods are not normal. Many women also get premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. You can take steps at home and talk to your doctor or nurse about ways to treat your period problems and PMS.

The Pad Project


The Pad Project’s mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and to empower women worldwide.

The Menstrual Man


Most men squirm at the mention of women's periods. And then there's Muruganantham, an illiterate school dropout. After discovering his wife's rudimentary means of managing her periods, he rolled up his sleeves and went on a quest to provide low cost sanitary towels to rural Indian women. At first he was labelled a pervert and shunned, now he is hailed as a visionary around the world.



What is menstruation?: Menstruation — aka having your period — is when blood and tissue from your uterus comes out of your vagina. It usually happens every month.

Period:The Menstrual Movement


PERIOD was founded in 2014 by two 16-year-old high school students with a passion for periods. To date, PERIOD has addressed over 850,000 periods through product distribution and registered over 600 campus chapters in all 50 US states and in over 30 countries.