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Parental Guidance Needed

May have illegitimate children, parent with boyfriend, brief mention of 'strange' relationships, etc. However the book itself is relatively clean and most of these things won't be noticed by younger children.

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The magician's nephew

Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963. |

The crooked castle

Horwitz, Sarah Jean. |

The 12 dares of Christa

Burt, Marissa, author. |

The daybreak bond

Blakemore, Megan Frazer, author. |

The magic misfits

Harris, Neil Patrick, 1973- author. |

One character has two fathers, however, since they have the same last name, readers may think of it as two brothers.


Megan Morrison. |

While there is no physical inappropriateness, there is mention of someone having an affair, boyfriend/girlfriend, and one boy wishes he could have a relationship with another boy. Otherwise probably appropriate for 16+.

The last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary

Laura Shovan. |

Intermarriage, non-religious Judaism

Stars so sweet

Tara Dairman. |

Some standard middle-school romance, one student wants a questionable relationship

Harry Potter and the cursed child.

a new play by Jack Thorne. |

A character is an illegitimate child.

Teddy Mars

Molly B. Burnham ; illustrations by Trevor Spencer. |

Sibling has a boyfriend at the end. An intermarried couple is mentioned. Very childish otherwise.

The seventh wish

Kate Messner. |

Sister is a heroin addict, and there is much discussion of it. Some very juvenile boyfriend/girlfriend.

Night on fire

Ronald Kidd. |

One of the characters has only one parent and why is questionable

The secret of Dreadwillow Carse

Brian Farrey. |

One line about a man wanting a questionable relationship

The case of the girl in grey

Jordan Stratford ; illustrated by Kelly Murphy. |

One of the characters is an illegitimate child, but no details mentioned.