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MPL: Canada Day Titles

Happy Canada Day! Canada Day was first called Dominion Day and happens every July 1st. It celebrates Canada's birthday and is anniversary of the 1867 enactment of the British North American Act (now known as the Constitution Act) which united three British colonies into the country of Canada within the British Empire. In 1982, when Canada gained full independence from the United Kingdom it was renamed Canada Day. Canada Day is a great day to get together with family, have fun and celebrate our multicultural and unique country.

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Here's looking at us

Stephen Cole. |

How to be a Canadian

Will Ferguson & Ian Ferguson. |

Fascinating Canada

John Robert Colombo. -- |


Guek-Cheng Pang, Robert Barlas. |


Roy MacGregor. |

Canuck rock

Ryan Edwardson. |

Mondo Canuck

Geoff Pevere, Greig Dymond. |

A Canadian Saturday night

Andrew Podnieks. |

1000 questions about Canada

John Robert Colombo. |


Graeme Chesters & Sally Jennings. |

Yes! even more Canadians!

Gordon Snell ; with caricatures by Aislin. |

Oh what a feeling

by Martin Melhuish. |

Spirit of the dragon

by Arlene Chan. |

The great Canadian song book

compiled by Ed Whitcomb. |

Canada, a people's history.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ; conceived and produced by Mark Starowicz ; documentary features produced by CBC-TV News. |