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The amateur emigrant

by Robert Louis Stevenson. |

The promised land

Mary Antin ; introduction and notes by Werner Sollors. |

University on the heights.

Edited by Wesley First. |

Reminiscences of an American scholar;

by John W. Burgess...with a foreword by Nicholas Murray Butler. |

Diary of my journey from Muehlhausen in Thuringia via Bremen to the United States of North America in the year 1831,

written for my friends by Johann August Roebling ... translated, with occasional notes, from the original German, by Edward Underwood; with a foreword by Hamilton Schuyler ... |

People of all nations;

by our foremost writers of travel, anthropology and history, ed. by J.A. Hammerton. |

Java: past & present,

by Donald Maclaine Campbell ... with a map and many illustrations. |

The great circle

Peter Prince. |

Totems and teachers

Sydel Silverman, editor. |