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App savvy

Ken Yarmosh. |

App empire

Chad Mureta. |

Get rich with apps!

Jesse Feiler. |

Google+ for business

Chris Brogan. |

Is it safe?

Michael Miller. |

YouTube for business

Michael Miller. |

Design and launch an online gift business in a week

Entrepreneur Press & Cheryl Kimball. |

Viral loop

Adam L. Penenberg. |

Outsmarting Google

Evan Bailyn with Bradley Bailyn. |

Facebook marketing

Justin R. Levy. |


Jim F. Kukral. |

The shopper economy

Liz Crawford. |

Small business marketing kit for dummies

by Barbara Findlay Schenck. |

Perfect phrases for negotiating salary and job offers

Matthew J. DeLuca and Nanette F. DeLuca. |

The digital divide

edited by Mark Bauerlein. |

Starting an Etsy business for dummies

by Allison Strine and Kate Shoup. |

Grant writing for dummies

by Beverly A. Browning. |