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The European discovery of America

Samuel Eliot Morison. |

The course of empire;

with maps by Erwin Raisz. |

Across the wide Missouri;

illus. with paintings by Alfred Jacob Miller, Charles Bodmer and George Catlin. With an account of the discovery of the Miller collection by Mae Reed Porter. |

The year of decision, 1846

by Bernard DeVoto. |

Jefferson and his time

by Dumas Malone. |

The Civil War, a narrative

by Shelby Foote. |

Ordeal of the union

by Allan Nevins ; with a new introduction by James M. McPherson. |

George Washington, a biography

by Douglas Southall Freeman. |

The colonial period of American history.

With a new foreword by Leonard W. Labaree. |

A history of the United States

by Edward Channing. |

The Americans

[by] Daniel J. Boorstin. |