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Prom & prejudice

Elizabeth Eulberg. -- |

This one sets Pride and Prejudice at an elite private school-- with Lizzie as a scholarship student. Everyone's trying to find a date to the prom. Lizzie tries to stay out of it, but when her best friend Jane becomes smitten with Charles Bingley, there's no escaping.

Bridget Jones's diary

Helen Fielding. |

Fielding takes Pride and Prejudice and sets it in London, as Bridget tries to find love and career satisfaction-- but why can't the Mark Darcy her mother keeps trying to set her up with look anything like Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? Follow it with Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, which tackles Persuasion.

Keeping the castle

Patrice Kindl. -- |

The only hopes of Althea's family surviving is if she marries well--something that's even harder given that they live in Lesser Hoo, Yorkshire. But when Lord Boring arrives, Althea thinks she's found a way...

Scones and sensibility

Lindsay Eland. -- |

Jane Austen's Emma

based on the novel by Jane Austen ; writer, Nancy Butler ; artist, Janet K. Lee ; letterer, Nate Piekos ; editor, Sana Amanat. -- |

For darkness shows the stars

by Diana Peterfreund. -- |

In the post-apocalyptic future, Luddites are the ruling class. Elliot runs her father's estate until her ex-boyfriend shows back up and she's torn between doing what she wants, and what society tells her is right. Follow up this retelling of Mansfield Park with Across a Star-Swept Sea, a retelling of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Jane Austen

Catherine Reef. -- |

Jane Austen didn’t leave much behind about her personal life. Very few of her letters survived, and family accounts of her appearance and personality directly contradict each other. Reef details what we do know, what’s debated, and what’s speculated about Austen’s life. Throughout, she weaves in the plots of Austen’s novels, often highlighting how they dovetail with events happening in Austen’s life at the time of writing.

Pride & prejudice

Jane Austen. |

Jane is beautiful and nice, Lizzy is independent and feisty, Mary is bookish and sanctimonious, Kitty goes along with her youngest sister and Lydia is trouble. And then there are the boys.

I was Jane Austen's best friend

Cora Harrison ; illustrated by Susan Hellard. |

Jenny is an orphaned cousin and Jane's best friend. While staying with the Austen's, she meets and hopes to capture Captain Williams, but there are secrets in Jenny's past that might doom everything. Based on real events in Austen's life.

Jane Austen goes to Hollywood

Abby McDonald. -- |

In another take on Sense and Sensibility, the Weston sisters move to Hollywood when their late father leaves everything to their stepmother. One sister thinks this is great for her acting career, the other is more cautious.

Sense and sensibility

Jane Austen. |

Austen's first published novel deals with two sisters in newly impoverished circumstances, with very different outlooks on life, and love.

The Dashwood sisters' secrets of love

Rosie Rushton. |

In this retelling of Sense and Sensibility, after their father dies deeply in debt, the Walker sisters must move to a new town where the different sisters have different reactions to their new life, and the boys they meet.

The trouble with flirting

Claire LaZebnik. |

At the Mansfield Theater Program, Franny is sewing costumes and trying to navigate love among the actors. She likes one boy (who seems to like another) but has somehow ended up dating another (who seems to like everybody.) This is a retelling of Mansfield Park.


Jane Austen. -- |

Emma loves to play matchmaker and solve other people's problems-- to the point where she misses the obvious truths that are right in front of her face.

Pride and prejudice and zombies

by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. |

Smith thought that this classic comedy of manners would be more entertaining if they were also all fighting zombies. We don't know if it's more entertaining, but it is certainly funny. Plus, zombies offer a good excuse as to why the regiment was in Meryton, why Netherfield was empty and why all 5 Bennett sisters were out at once.

Sense and sensibility and sea monsters

by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters ; illustrations by Eugene Smith. |

Sass & serendipity

Jennifer Ziegler. -- |

A looser modern adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, two very different sisters struggle with romance and unexpected homelessness.