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Nowhere to hide

Ruth Halevi. |

Not guilty

Yehudit Schreiber. |

Patchwork Life

Lazewnik, Libby |


Feldbrand, Sarah |

A light for Greytowers

Kol Neshama presents ; a film by Robin Garbose ; screenplay by Robin Garbose ; produced by Levi Yitzhaq Garbose and Robin Garbose ; directed by Robin Garbose. |


Leah Gebber. |

Seven Up

Wiederblank, Sara |

Denver dreams

Susie Garber. |

Pain relief

Peri Berger. |

Zero tolerance

Peri Berger. |

The surrendered wife

Laura Doyle. |

Distant cousins

by Eva Vogiel. |


Sarah Feldbrand. |

Full circle

Gila Diamond. |

Hearts of gold 2

Devora Weiner. |

Hearts of gold

Devora Weiner. |

Liba's Palace

Walfish, Miriam |

Hidden diamonds

Eva Vogiel. |

Kids like U

Miriam Schonzeit. |

Against all odds

Barbara Blum. |

A matter of trust

Esther Toker. |

The unfinished diary

Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter. |

Mimi in the middle

by Chani Altein. |


Shani Pruzansky. |

A fragile thread

Yael Mermelstein. |

It could have been you 3

Seltzer, Nachman |

Borrowed time

by Yair Weinstock ; translated by Libby Lazewnik. |


Libby Lazewnik. |

3 cheers for Shira

by Libby Lazewnik. |

A classic trio

by Miriam L. Elias. |

Go, my son

by Chaim Shapiro. |

The well-spiced life

by Barbara Bensoussan. |

Baker's dozen three-in-one 4 5 6

created by Miriam Zakon. |

Mussia of Morocco

by Ella Verzov and Chana Oirechman ; translated by Yael Mermelstein. |

Gefunen di òveg

òH. Fishman. |

Kids speak. 9

?alder, ?ayim. |

People speak.

Chaim Walder ; translated by Yocheved Lavon. |

Stories straight from Mommy's heart

Ahuva Raanan, Chaim Walder ; translated by Yocheved Lavon ; illustrated by Tirtsa Pelleg. |

The Yerushalmi

Chaim Walder ; translated by Yocheved Lavon, Aviva Rappaport, Chani Goldwasser, Chava Wilschanski. |

180 degrees

Abraham Leib Berenstein. |

The Count of Coucy.

Marcus Lehmann. |

Dual Dilemmas

Chaya Sara Ben Shachar. |

How does she manage

Yael Wiesner. |


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