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Thanksgiving Day

by Gail Gibbons. |

On the Mayflower

by Kate Waters ; photographs by Russ Kendall. |

The Flyer flew!

by Lee Sullivan Hill ; illustrations by Craig Orback. |

The chocolate touch

Patrick Skene Catling ; pictures by Margot Apple. |

Eric Knight's original 1938 classic Lassie come-home

written for young readers by Rosemary Wells ; illustrations by Susan Jeffers. |

Mom and Dad are palindromes

by Mark Shulman ; illustrated by Adam McCauley. |

Evangeline Mudd and the golden-haired apes of the Ikkinasti Jungle

David Elliott ; illustrated by Andrea Wesson. |


Andrew Clements ; illustrations by Tim Bowers. |

Dear Max

by D.J. Lucas aka Sally Grindley ; illustrations, Tony Ross. |

Sneakers, the seaside cat

by Margaret Wise Brown ; illustrated by Anne Mortimer. |

The adventures of taxi dog

by Debra and Sal Barracca ; pictures by Mark Buehner. |

Painted dreams

by Karen Lynn Williams ; illustrated by Catherine Stock. |

Nim's island

Wendy Orr ; illustrated by Kerry Millard. |