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Books for Fall for Reese

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Apple farmer Annie

by Monica Wellington. |

Apples and pumpkins

by Anne Rockwell ; illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell. |

Apples, apples, apples

written and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. |

The apple pie that papa baked

by Lauren Thompson ; illustrated by Jonathan Bean. |

I know it's autumn

by Eileen Spinelli ; illustrated by Nancy Hayashi. |

Patty's pumpkin patch

written and illustrated by Teri Sloat. |

Apple cider making days

Ann Purmell ; pictures by Joanne Friar. |

Lucky leaf

Kevin O'Malley. |

When autumn falls

Kelli Nidey ; illustrations by Susan Swan. |

Leaf jumpers

Carole Gerber ; illustrated by Leslie Evans. |

Leaf Man

Lois Ehlert. |