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Family Storytime @ TC May 25 & 30, 2013 - Pigs & Sheep

Pigs and sheep are few of the many cute farm animals! Learning to read, write, play, and sing are very important to children's literacy, mental, emotional, and social development. Parents are children's BEST teachers as they know them very well. Let's help each other to learn and develop a good reading habit everyday!

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One sheep, blue sheep

[written by Thom Wiley ; illustrated by Ben Mantle]. -- |

Can't sleep without sheep

Susanna Leonard Hill ; illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka. -- |

Feeding the sheep

Leda Schubert ; pictures by Andrea U'Ren. -- |

Hide and sheep

by Andrea Beaty ; illustrations by Bill Mayer. -- |

The three ninja pigs

Corey Rosen Schwartz ; illustrated by Dan Santat. -- |

Pigs in love

by Teddy Slater ; illustrated by Aaron Boyd. |

Pigs, pigs, pigs!

by Leslâea Newman ; illustrated by Erika Oller. |

When pigs fly

story by Valerie Coulman ; pictures by Rogâe. |

Sheep in a jeep

Nancy Shaw ; illustrated by Margot Apple. -- |

Who said coo

written by Deborah Ruddell ; illustrated by Robin Luebs. -- |

Sheep on a ship

Nancy Shaw ; illutrated by Margot Apple. -- |