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BKLYN What is Fascism?

Judging by the books we see being checked in and out and placed on hold, there has been an increase in interest in learning about fascism and authoritarian governments. If want to know more or if you have any questions, ask a librarian!

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Walter Laqueur. |

The anatomy of fascism

Robert Paxton. |

The voice of modern hatred

Nicholas Fraser. |

Nazi nexus

by Edwin Black. |

The mass psychology of fascism

Wilhelm Reich ; newly translated from the German by Vincent R. Carfagno. |


Richard Griffiths. |

Escape from freedom

Erich Fromm. |

Russian fascism

Stephen D. Shenfield. |

Fascism in Spain, 1923-1977

Stanley G. Payne. |

Escape through the Pyrenees

Lisa Fittko ; translated by David Koblick. |

Mussolini's Italy

R.J.B. Bosworth. |

American fascists

Chris Hedges. |

The embrace of unreason

Frederick Brown. |

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