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The protest psychosis

Jonathan M. Metzl. |

Surviving schizophrenia

E. Fuller Torrey. |


by Melissa Abramovitz. |

Diagnosis : Schizophrenia

[edited by] Rachel Miller and Susan E. Mason. |


Christopher D. Frith and Eve C. Johnstone. |

Coping with schizophrenia

Steven Jones and Peter Hayward. |

The complete family guide to schizophrenia

Kim T. Mueser and Susan Gingerich ; foreword by Harriet P. Lefley. |

Surviving schizophrenia

E.Fuller Torrey. |

If your adolescent has schizophrenia

Raquel E. Gur and Ann Braden Johnson. |

Schizophrenia for dummies

by Jerome Levine, Irene S. Levine. |

The everything health guide to schizophrenia

Dean A. Haycock ; with technical review by Elias K. Shaya. |


Peggy J. Parks. |


Peter K. Chadwick. |


Daniel E. Harmon. |

Me, myself, and them

Kurt Snyder ; with Raquel E. Gur and Linda Wasmer Andrews. |


Gilles Deleuze and Fâelix Guattari ; preface by Michel Foucault ; introduction by Mark Seem ; translated by Robert Hurley, Mark Seem, and Helen R. Lane. |

The other brain

R. Douglas Fields. |

Schizophrenia revealed

Michael Foster Green. |