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Books unbound

Michael Jacobs. |


Andrew Haslam. |

More making books by hand

written and illustrated by Peter and Donna Thomas. |

Art in nature

introduction by Martyn Rix. |


Charlotte Rivers. |

The album cover art of soundtracks

edited by Frank Jastfelder & Stefan Kassel ; foreword by Saul Bass. |

The Fritz Kreisler collection

compilation and introductory notes by Eric Wen. |

The haunting melody

by Theodor Reik. |

The trouble with Cinderella

Artie Shaw, with a new introd. by the author. |

Treat it gentle

by Sidney Bechet ; with a new preface by Rudi Blesh. |

Thunder out of China

Theodore H. White and Annalee Jacoby ; new foreword by Harrison Salisbury. |

Soul music

Michael Haralambos. |

Jack Teagarden

by Jay D. Smith and Len Guttridge ; new preface by Martin Willims. |


by Robert George Reisner. |

The RKO story

Richard B. Jewell with Vernon Harbin. |

The wages of sin

Lea Jacobs. |

The French Revolution, 1770-1814

Franðcois Furet ; translated by Antonia Nevill. |

The Avant-garde film

edited by P. Adams Sitney. |

The man who photographed the world;

Selected and edited by Genoa Caldwell. Introd. by Irving Wallace. |

By the waters of Manhattan

Charles Reznikoff ; introduction by Philip Lopate. |

Meggs' history of graphic design

Philip B. Meggs, Alston W. Purvis. |

500 handmade books

[senior editor, Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott]. |

Dope menace

by Stephen J. Gertz. |

Dames, dolls & gun molls

by Jim Silke ; with a foreword by Lynn Maguire. |

Industrial design

Raymond Loewy. |

Fiji and its possibilities,

by Beatrice Grimshaw; illustrated from photographs. |

In the isles of King Solomon

by A.I. Hopkins ; with illustrations & 2 maps. |

Isles of adventure

by Beatrice Grimshaw. |

South Seas,

by Hugo Adolf Bernatzik; translated from the German by Vivian Ogilvie. |

Battle for the Solomons,

by Ira Wolfert. |

South from Corregidor

[by] Lieutenant Commander John Morrill, U.S.N., and Pete Martin. |


Paul Fussell. |

Doing battle

Paul Fussell. |

Eighteenth-century English literature.

Edited by Geoffrey Tillotson, Paul Fussell, Jr. [and] Marshall Waingrow. With the assistance of Brewster Rogerson. |

The essential Marcus Aurelius

newly translated and introduced by Jacob Needleman and John P. Piazza. |

The 13th valley

by John M. Del Vecchio. |