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Fitzgerald & Hemingway

Scott Donaldson. |

All god's children

Fox Butterfield. |

The ungovernable city

Vincent Cannato. |

The brothers Karamazov

by Fyodor Dostoevsky ; translated by Andrew R. MacAndrew ; introductory essay by Konstantin Mochulsky. |

Wake up black America

Robert Roderick Johnson. |

The savage city

by T. J. English. |

The plague

Albert Camus ; translated from the French by Stuart Gilbert. |

Political evil

Alan Wolfe. |

Advocacy, activism, and the Internet

edited by Steven F. Hick and John G. McNutt. |

Emotional equations

Chip Conley. |

The universal myths

Alexander Eliot ; [with contributions by Joseph Campbell and Mircea Eliade] |

Five families

Selwyn Raab. |

The taste of tomorrow

Josh Schonwald. |

Examined lives

James Miller. |

George Orwell's Animal farm

edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom. |

Hidden wisdom

Richard Smoley and Jay Kinney. |

Lost scriptures

[edited by] Bart D. Ehrman. |

A man of letters

Thomas Sowell. |

Their eyes were watching God, Zora Heale Hurston

contributors, Selena Ward ... [et al.]. |

Paradise lost, John Milton

[writers, Patrick Gardner, James Sitar]. |

Walden, Henry David Thoreau

[writers, Amanda David, Jim Cocola, John Henriksen]. |

The republic, Plato

[writer Yael Goldstein]. |

True blood and philosophy

edited by George A. Dunn and Rebecca Housel. |

The Hobbit and philosophy

edited by Gregory Bassham and Eric Bronson. |

The Hunger games and philosophy

edited by George A. Dunn and Nicolas Michaud. |

Terminator and philosophy

edited by Richard Brown and Kevin S. Decker. |

On truth

Harry G. Frankfurt. |

Social media is bullshit

B. J. Mendelson. |