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Star Wars for Young Readers

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Star Wars

written by Adam Bray, Kerry Dougherty, Cole Horton [and one other]. |


writer, Kieron Gillen ; artist, Salvador Larroca ; colorist, Edgar Delgado ; letterer, VC's Joe Caramagna. |

So you want to be a Jedi

by Adam Gidwitz ; interior art by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston. |

The phantom bully

Jeffrey Brown |

Jedi Academy

by Jeffrey Brown. |

Moving target

written by Cecil Castellucci and Jason Fry ; illustrated by Phil Noto. |

Smuggler's run

written by Greg Rucka ; illustrated by Phil Noto. |

Imperial justice

by Jason Fry. |

Vader's secret missions

written by Ace Landers ; illustrated by Ameet Studio. |

Rebel in the ranks

by Jason Fry ; with story elements from The Star Wars Rebels episode "Breaking ranks" by Greg Weisman. |

Sabine's art attack

adapted by Jennifer Heddle. -- |

Ezra's duel with danger

written by Michael Kogge. |

Free the galaxy

written by Himani Khatreja. |

Ewoks join the fight

written by Michael Siglain ; art by Pilot Studio. |

Battle to the end

written by Michael Kogge. |

LEGO Star Wars

written by Simon Beecroft. -- |

A new hope

[adapted by Randy Thornton]. |

The empire strikes back

adapted by Randy Thornton. |

Lego Star Wars in 100 scenes

written by Daniel Lipkowitz. |

Star wars rebels visual guide

written by Adam Bray. |

Always bet on chopper

adapted by Meredith Rusu ; based on the episode "Idiot's array," written by Kevin Hopps. |

Kanan's Jedi training

adapted by Elizabeth Schaefer ; based on the episode "Path of the Jedi," written by Charles Murray. |

Hera's phantom flight

adapted by Elizabeth Schaefer ; based on the episode "Out of darkness," written by Kevin Hopps. |

Rebel power!

written by Lauren Nesworthy. |

Fight the Empire

written by David Fentiman. |

Rescue from Jabba's palace

written by Michael Siglain ; art by Pilot Studio. |

Beware the Inquisitor!

written by Lisa Stock. |

Use the force!

written by Michael Siglain ; art by Stephane Roux and Pilot Studio. |