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BKLYN Brooklyn Public Library Youth Wing Pathfinder for Firefighters

Children's books about firefighters.

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A Small Christmas

by Wong Herbert Yee. |

After finding a Christmas tree for Mayor Mole, Fireman Small has a busy Christmas Eve as he fills in for Santa Claus.

Fire engine man

Andrea Zimmerman & David Clemesha. |

A young boy imagines the work he will do and the safety gear he will wear when he becomes a fireman some day, as his younger brother first watches then joins him on the job.

Fire truck

by Peter Sis. |

Matt, who loves fire trucks, wakes up one morning to find that he has become a fire truck, with one driver, two ladders, three hoses, and ten boots. Features a gate-fold illustration that opens into a three-page spread.

Going to the firehouse

by Mercer Mayer. |

Little Critter and his classmates learn what to do to stay safe in a fire while visiting Fireman Joe at the firehouse.

The firefighters' Thanksgiving

by Maribeth Boelts ; illustrated by Terry Widener. |

Calls to fires, an injured friend, and cooking disasters threaten to keep a group of fire fighters from enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.


written by Patricia Hubbell ; illustrated by Viviana Garofoli. |

Illustrations and rhyming text celebrate firefighters and what they do.

Fire truck to the rescue

by Sonia Sander ; illustrated by MADA Design. |

When a fire breaks out in LEGO City, the fire fighters hop in their fire engine and race to put it out.

Brave Fire Truck

written by Melinda Melton Crow ; illustrated by Chad Thompson. |

Fire Truck is very brave, and while he is off fighting a fire, School Bus, Tractor, and Train await his return.

Coco and Cavendish

by Judy Sierra ; illustrated by Paul Meisel. |

Two friends, a poodle and a border collie, must compete with two robot dogs to become fire dogs.

Fire truck

Caroline Bingham. |

Introduces fire engines and the work that they help firefighters do in all kinds of settings.

Fire! Fire!

by Gail Gibbons. |

A study of fire and different firefighting techniques examines the ways in which fires start, how they are extinguished, and how they can be prevented

Forest firefighter

by William David Thomas. |

Describes the work that forest fire fighters do, and provides information on the tools and techniques of fire watchers, the on-the-ground fire fighters known as hot shots, Forest and Parks Service pilots, and smoke jumpers.

Let's meet a firefighter

Gina Bellisario ; illustrated by Ed Myer. |

A class visits a fire station and learns from Jim what it is like to be a fire fighter.

A day with firefighters

by Jodie Shepherd. |

What do they do?

by Jennifer Zeiger. |

Provides information about what firefighters are, and some of the different things that they do to protect communities from the danger of fires.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the firefighters

illustrated in the style of H.A. Rey by Anna Grossnickle Hines. |

While on a field trip to a fire station with Mrs. Gray's class, Curious George goes off on his own and is soon at the scene of a fire, where he finds a way to be helpful.

Fireman Small-- fire down below!

written and illustrated by Wong Herbert Yee. |

Having gone to the Pink Hotel to get some sleep, Fireman Small detects a fire there and saves its animal guests.

A day in the life of a firefighter

written by Linda Hayward. |

Follows firefighter Rob Green through his day at home and work.

New York's bravest

by Mary Pope Osborne ; paintings by Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher. |

Tells of the heroic deeds of the legendary New York firefighter, Mose Humphreys.

This is the firefighter

by Laura Godwin ; pictures by Julian Hector. |

In short, rhyming sentences tells the story of firefighters responding to a fire in a building from the time the alarm rings and the firefighters leave the station until they declare "all clear" and return

Dot the fire dog

Lisa Desimini. |

Dot the dalmatian that lives at a firehouse accompanies the firefighters when they rush to a burning house.

Fire! ÆFuego! Brave bomberos

Susan Middleton Elya ; illustrated by Dan Santat. |

A brave group of firefighters set off to battle a blaze at a townhouse. Spanish words interspersed in the rhyming text are defined in a glossary.

Firefighters A to Z

Chris L. Demarest. |

An alphabetic look at a firefighter's day.

Firefighter Ted

by Andrea Beaty and Pascal Lemaitre. |

When Ted awakens to the smell of smoke and cannot find a firefighter, he decides to become one for the day, much to the dismay of his mother, neighbors, principal, and classmates.

The little fire engine

Lois Lenski. |

Fireman Small and his little fire engine answer a call, rescue a little girl, and save a house from burning down.


Nina Barbaresi. |

Emulating the fire fighters with whom they reside, the firehouse mice form their own company just in time to save the firehouse itself from burning down.