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LOST Book List Pt. 2 - The Swan & Desmond's List

These are the books seen on the shelf inside the Swan station (otherwise known as the Hatch), as well as the books Desmond was seen reading throughout the show. There are too many books depicted on Lost to be able to list them all in one list. I have split the lists up into 4 easy to find groups.

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Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Salman Rushdie. |

Desmond is reading this on Flight 815 in the "afterlife" during the premiere of season 6. In it, a boy must save the ocean of stories.

Our mutual friend

Charles Dickens ; edited with an introduction and notes by Michael Cotsell. |

The one book Desmond wants to read before he dies. He took it with him on his sail around the world, finds a love letter from Penelope inside it, and hides the failsafe key in it, as well. The love story in it runs parallel to the love story between Desmond and Penelope, and it touches on similar concepts such as serendipity.

The turn of the screw

by Henry James. |

The Dharma orientation tape in the Swan is hidden behind this book. It is a ghost story about a woman's descent into madness. A young boy named Miles is a character in the story, and seems to be the inspiration for the Miles featured in Lost who can speak with ghosts.

The Third Policeman


This book enjoyed a surge in sales after being seen on Lost. It is about an absurd and confusing trip through hell by a murderer, and is seen being stuffed into Desmond's pack as he is fleeing the Hatch after years of isolation inside it.

Rainbow Six

Tom Clancy. |

A special forces group is formed to combat international terrorism.

An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

by Ambrose Bierce. |

As a Southern man is being hung, his life flashes before his eyes, and in the few seconds remaining of his life, he imagines his escape from the noose.



A book about the creation of a machine that can see into the past.

The Brothers Karamazov

Fyodor Dostoyevsky ; translated with an introduction and notes by David McDuff. |

A book that touches on themes such as the meaning of life, good and evil, and the existence of God and the Devil.

After all these years

Susan Isaacs. |

A comedic murder mystery with a protagonist with the name of "Rose."