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Winter break

Kayla Perrin. |

Single mama drama

Kayla Perrin. |

Island fantasy

Kayla Perrin. |

Freefall to desire

Kayla Perrin. |

Holiday fantasy

Kayla Perrin, Donna Hill, Adrianne Byrd. |

A dead rose

by Rhonda Lawson. |


Dianne Mayhew. |

In the arms of one who loves me

Jacqueline Jones LaMon. |

The next best thing

Deidre Berry. |

When lightning strikes!

Michele Cameron. |

The business of love

Cheris F. Hodges. |

The business of love

Cheris F. Hodges. |

Wild stars seeking midnight suns

J. California Cooper. |

Night heat

Brenda Jackson. |

Every reasonable doubt

Pamela Samuels-Young. |

Not his type

Chamein Canton. |

First semester

Cecil R. Cross II. |

Sleeping with strangers

Eric Jerome Dickey. |

Working man

Melanie Schuster. |

Virgin seductress

J.M. Jeffries. |

Then comes love

Candice Poarch. |

The very thought of you

Angela Weaver. |

The pastor's woman

Jacquelin Thomas. |

Stranger in my arms

Rochelle Alers. |

Risky business of love

Yahrah St John. |

Never without you again

Francine Craft. |

Love, lies & videotape

by Kayla Perrin. |

Letting loose

Joanne Skerrett. |

Just about sex

Ann Christopher. |

Enchanting melody

Robyn Amos. |

Celluloid memories

Sandra Kitt. |

Can't stop loving you

Lisa Harrison Jackson. |

Beyond temptation

by Brenda Jackson. |

A love for all seasons

Bettye Griffin. |

A guilty affair

Maureen Smith. |

Pleasure seekers

Rochelle Alers. |

Sleeping with strangers

Eric Jerome Dickey. |

Lady preacher

K.T. Richey. |

Seduced by moonlight

Janice Sims. |

Seducing the matchmaker

Elaine Overton. |

Secret desire

Gwynne Forster. |

Tender secrets

Ann Christopher. |

Rival's desire

AlTonya Washington. |

I promise

Adrianne Byrd. |

Gamble on love

Michelle Monkou. |

The sweetest temptation

Rochelle Alers. |

The glamorous life

[Nikki Turner]. |

Trust in me

Melanie Schuster. |

Suite temptation

Anita Bunkley. |


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