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Summer and July

Mosier, Paul, | BOOK

Romeo & what's her name

Petroff, Shani, | BOOK


Summers, Lindsey, | BOOK

Daughters of jubilation

Corthron, Kara Lee, | BOOK

Scavenge the stars

Sim, Tara, | BOOK

Snow one like you

Blitt, Natalie, | BOOK

My plain Jane

Hand, Cynthia, 1978- | BOOK

Gone by nightfall

Garretson, Dee, | BOOK

The everything I have lost

Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia, 1973- | BOOK

Season of the witch

Brennan, Sarah Rees | BOOK

Daughter of chaos

Brennan, Sarah Rees, | BOOK

Food safety : saving lives

Burkhart, Juliana, | BOOK

Abraham Lincoln : friend of the people

Judson, Clara Ingram, 1879-1960, | BOOK

Abraham Lincoln

McPherson, James M. | BOOK

Living with allergies

Burkhart, Juliana, | BOOK

Patron saints of nothing

Ribay, Randy, | BOOK

Mend : a story of divorce

Recca, Sophia. | BOOK

Click : a story about cyberbullying

Philips, Alexandra, | BOOK

A great and terrible beauty

Bray, Libba. | REGPRINT

Bookish boyfriends

Schmidt, Tiffany, | BOOK


Keplinger, Kody, | BOOK