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BKLYN Dia! Diversity in Action Booklist 2015 Ages (4-8)

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Pecan pie baby

Jacqueline Woodson ; illustrated by Sophie Blackall. |

Nasreen's secret school

by Jeanette Winter. |

Grandma's gift

Eric Velasquez. |

The cazuela that the farm maiden stirred

Samantha R. Vamos ; illustrated by Rafael Lâopez. |

Diego Rivera

Duncan Tonatiuh. |

The quiet place

Sarah Stewart ; pictures by David Small. |

Ladder to the moon

Maya Soetoro-Ng ; [illustration by Yuyi Morales]. |

The Christmas coat

by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve ; illustrated by Ellen Beier. |

Martâin de Porres

written by Gary D. Schmidt ; illustrated by David Diaz. |


by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee. |

Book fiesta!

by Pat Mora ; illustrated by Rafael Lâopez. |

Kindergarten day USA and China

Trish Marx and Ellen B. Senisi. |

A donkey reads

adapted by Muriel Mandell from a Turkish folktale ; art by Andrâe Letria. |

Auntie Yang's great soybean picnic

story by Ginnie Lo ; illustrations by Beth Lo. |

A New Year's reunion

Yu Li-Qiong ; illustrated by Zhu Cheng-Liang. |

Thanking the moon

Grace Lin. |

Out of the way! Out of the way!

story by Uma Krishnaswami ; pictures by Uma Krishnaswamy. |

Un pato en Nueva York

cuento y canciones, Connie Kaldor ; ilustraciones, Fil & Julie ; interpretaciâon, Inâes Câanepa ; [traducciâon al espaänol, Yanitizia Canetti]. |

Say hello!

Rachel Isadora. |

The storyteller's candle =

story by Lucia Gonzalez ; ilustrations by Lulu Delacre. |

Nabeel's new pants

retold by Fawzia Gilani-Williams ; illustrations by Proiti Roy. |

Chirchir is singing

written by Kelly Cunnane ; illustrated by Jude Daly. |

Goodbye, Havana! Hola, New York!

Edie Colâon ; illustrated by Raâul Colâon. |

The poet upstairs

by Judith Ortiz Cofer ; illustrations by Oscar Ortiz. |

Waiting for the Biblioburro

by Monica Brown ; illustrations by John Parra. |

The Day of the Dead =

by Bob Barner ; translated by Teresa Mlawer. |


Jeannie Baker. |


escrito por Jorge Argueta ; ilustrado por Domi ; traducciâon de Elisa Amado = Tamalitos : a cooking poem / words by Jorge Argueta ; pictures by Domi ; translated by Elisa Amado. |

ÅQuâe estâas haciendo?

Elisa Amado ; ilustraciones de Manuel Monroy ; [traducciâon al espaänol, Luis Barbeytia]. |