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An historical geography of the Ottoman empire from earliest times to the end of the sixteenth century

Donald Edgar Pitcher ; with detailed maps to illustrate the expansion of the Sultanate. |

The way of the world

David Fromkin. |

Forbidden friendships

Michael Rocke. |

al-Islåam fåi al-Andalus

ta{u2019}låif Shåatubiryåan ; tarjamah Shakåib Arslåan. |

The history of the Mohammedan dynasties in Spain;

by Ahmed ibn Mohammed al-Makkari. Translated from the copies in the Library of the British Museum and illustrated with critical notes on the history, geography, and antiquities of Spain by Pascual de Gayangos. |

History of the dominion of the Arabs in Spain.

Tr. from the Spanish of Dr. J. A. Condâe, by Mrs. Jonathan Foster. |

The Balkans

Mark Mazower. |

Moroccan silk designs in full color

edited by Lucien Vogel. |

Pirates of Barbary

Adrian Tinniswood. |

The golden age of Hispanic silver, 1400-1665;

[compiled by] Charles Oman, former keeper of the Department of Metalwork. |

Jewels and jewelery

Clare Phillips ; photographpy by Ian Thomas. |


Esmeralda Santiago. |

Ancient Mesopotamia

Erica C.D. Hunter. |

The Middle East

Bernard Lewis. |

Empires of ancient Persia

Michael Burgan. |

Morocco modern

Herbert Ypma. |

The Balkans in world history

Andrew Baruch Wachtel. |

Palace and mosque

Tim Stanley with Mariam Rosser-Owen and Stephen Vernoit. |

El amante turco

Esmeralda Santiago ; traducciâon de Nina Torres-Vidal. |