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Adoption & Foster Care Books for Children

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Runaway twin

Kehret, Peg. | BOOK

On the victory trail

Hubler, Marsha, 1947- | BOOK

Dream of Night

Henson, Heather. | BOOK

Touch blue

Lord, Cynthia. | BOOK

Little Cub

Dunrea, Olivier. | BOOK

Arcady's goal

Yelchin, Eugene | BOOK


Orenstein, Denise Gosliner, 1950- | BOOK

I love you like crazy cakes

Lewis, Rose A. | BOOK

A new Barker in the house

DePaola, Tomie, 1934- | BOOK

My family is forever

Carlson, Nancy L. | BOOK

The red blanket

Thomas, Eliza. | BOOK

Every year on your birthday

Lewis, Rose A. | BOOK

We are adopted

Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer. | BOOK

The journey to adopting Abby

Rexford, Ali. | BOOK

God found us you

Bergren, Lisa Tawn. | BOOK

Sweet moon baby

Clark, Karen Henry. | BOOK

I'm adopted!

Rotner, Shelley. | BOOK

Red thread sisters

Peacock, Carol Antoinette. | BOOK

Bo at Iditarod Creek

Hill, Kirkpatrick. | BOOK

Half a world away

Kadohata, Cynthia. | BOOK

Fast break

Lupica, Mike, | BOOK

Real sisters pretend

Lambert, Megan Dowd, | BOOK

Dara Palmer's major drama

Shevah, Emma, | BOOK

Home at last

Williams, Vera B., | BOOK

Just like me

Cavanaugh, Nancy J., | BOOK

My new mom & me

Galindo, Renata, | BOOK


Bauer, Joan, 1951- | BOOK

Planet Jupiter

Kurtz, Jane, | BOOK

Paper chains

Vickers, Elaine, | BOOK

Jing's family

Riley, Elliot, | BOOK


Reynolds, Jason, | BOOK

Babies come from airports

Dealey, Erin, | BOOK

The length of a string

Weissman, Elissa Brent, | BOOK

A most unusual day

Mallery, Sydra | BOOK

Wonderful you : an adoption story

McLaughlin, Lauren | BOOK

Just right family : an adoption story

Lopez, Silvia, 1950- | BOOK

Little bits of sky

Durrant, S. E., | BOOK

Forever, or a long, long time

Carter, Caela, | BOOK