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Family Storytime @ TC June 13 & 15, 2013 - Happy Daddy's Day!

Hope everyone had a fantabulous Daddy's Day with your family! All the Daddies should feel super duper special and happy with their children :) Remember, reading and writing are very important to children's intellectual, mental, emotional, and social development. Find a few books, sit back, relax, get ready to read, and enjoy the great bond with your parents everyday!

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Daddy adventure day

Dave Keane ; illustrated by Sue Ramâa. -- |

I love my daddy

Sebastien Braun. |

Fear of falling

Laurie Halse Anderson. -- |

A day with Dad

Bo R. Holmberg ; illustrated by Eva Eriksson. |

Day is done

by Peter Yarrow ; illustrated by Melissa Sweet. -- |

Do your ABC's, Little Brown Bear

Jonathan London ; illustrated by Margie Moore. |

I love Daddy

Lizi Boyd. |

Daddy all day long

by Francesca Rusackas ; illustrated by Priscilla Burris. |

Zoe's year

Barbara Reid. -- |

La fãete des páeres

Blaine Wiseman ; [traduit par Tanjah Karvonen]. -- |

All new crafts for Mother's Day and Father's Day

by Kathy Ross ; illustrated by Sharon Lane Holm. |