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National Novel Writing Month @ MPL: Published NaNoWriMo Novels

Published novels that started out their lives as National Novel Writing Month projects. For more information about National Novel Writing Month, visit

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A long, long sleep

Anna Sheehan. -- |

A long, long sleep

Anna Sheehan. |

Daughter of the bride

Francesca Segráe. |

Time off for good behavior

Lani Diane Rich. |

Anna and the French kiss

Stephanie Perkins. -- |


Maureen McGowan. -- |


written by Marissa Meyer. -- |

Losing Faith

Denise Jaden. |

Into the darkest corner

Elizabeth Haynes. -- |

Water for elephants

Sara Gruen. |

Ape house

Sara Gruen. |

Olivia Bean, trivia queen

by Donna Gephart. -- |

Livvie Owen lived here

by Sarah Dooley. |

Courting constance

Teryl Cartwright. |

Take the reins

Jessica Burkhart. -- |


Jill Baguchinsky. -- |

The night circus

Erin Morgenstern. -- |