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Women in Science

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by Lauren Redniss. -- |


Jim Ottaviani & Maris Wicks. -- |

Almost astronauts

Tanya Lee Stone ; [foreword by Margaret A. Weitekamp]. -- |

Ada Byron Lovelace and the thinking machine

by Laurie Wallmark ; illustrated by April Chu. |

Life in the ocean

Claire A. Nivola. -- |

Elizabeth Blackwell

by Trina Robbins ; illustrated by Cynthia Martin and Anne Timmons. -- |

The watcher

Jeanette Winter. -- |

Dare the wind

Tracey Fern ; pictures by Emily Arnold McCully. -- |

Look up!

Robert Burleigh ; illustrated by Raâul Colâon. -- |


Rachel Swaby. |

Women in science

written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky. |

A world of her own

Michael Elsohn Ross. -- |

Women of steel and stone

Anna M. Lewis. -- |

Mary Anning

Robert Snedden. |


Monica Kulling ; illustrated by David Parkins. |

Mary Leakey

written and illustrated by Mike Venezia. -- |

Lise Meitner

written and illustrated by Mike Venezia. -- |

Chien-Shiung Wu

Jill C. Wheeler. -- |

Who was Marie Curie

by Megan Stine ; illustrated by Ted Hammond. |


by Sandy Donovan. -- |

Joanne Simpson

Jill C. Wheeler. -- |

Antonia Novello

Jill C. Wheeler. -- |

Hayat Sindi

Jill C. Wheeler. -- |

Women in space who changed the world

Sonia Gueldenpfennig. -- |

Women in space

Karen Bush Gibson. -- |

Florence Nightingale

by Lola M. Schaefer and Wyatt Schaefer. |

Who was Sally Ride

by Megan Stine ; illustrated by Ted Hammond. |

The chimpanzees I love

Jane Goodall. |

Who is Jane Goodall

by Roberta Edwards ; illustrated by John O'Brien. -- |

Temple Grandin

by Sy Montgomery. |

Girls think of everything

by Catherine Thimmesh ; illustrated by Melissa Sweet. |

African American women scientists and inventors

Otha Richard Sullivan ; Jim Haskins, general editor. -- |

Rachel Carson

written and illustrated by Mike Venezia. |

Who was Rachel Carson

by Sarah Fabiny ; illustrated by Dede Putra. |

Rachel Carson

Jill C. Wheeler. -- |

Mae Jemison

Jill C. Wheeler. -- |


produced by TPT National Productions for PBS. |

Marie Curie

by Katherine Krieg. |

The Wright sister

by Richard Maurer. |

Wings and rockets

Jeannine Atkins ; pictures by Duésan Petriéciéc. |

Roberta Bondar

by Judy Wearing. -- |

Fabulous female physicians

by Sharon Kirsh with Florence Kirsh. |

Extraordinary women of medicine

by Darlene R. Stille. |

Emily Stowe

Janet Ray. |

Girls who rocked the world

Michelle Roehm McCann & Amelie Welden. -- |