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Charlie and Kiwi

written by Eileen Campbell ; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds and FableVision. |

Science experiments

Steve Parker. |

Plants feed me

Lizzy Rockwell. |

Big bug

by Henry Cole. |

The great big green

Peggy Gifford ; illustrated by Lisa Desimini. |

Rain forest destruction

Peter and Antonia Littlewood. |

Animals in danger in Asia

Richard Spilsbury and Louise Spilsbury. |

Global warming

Chris Oxlade. |


David Macaulay with Sheila Keenan. |

Sloth bears

Julie Murray. |


Julie Murray. |


by Kathleen Connors. |

Beyond the solar system

Mary Kay Carson. |

Cat talk

Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest ; illustrated by Barry Moser. |

Ballywhinney Girl

Eve Bunting ; illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully. |

Leopard & Silkie

Brenda Peterson ; photographs by Robin Lindsey. |

Sheila says we're weird

Ruth Ann Smalley ; illustrated by Jennifer Emery. |

No one but you

Douglas Wood ; illustrated by P.J. Lynch. |

Hibernation station

Michelle Meadows ; illustrated by Kurt Cyrus. |

Forest has a song

by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater ; illustrations by Robbin Gourley. |

Flip the flaps seashore

Hannah Wilson and Simon Mendez. |

Animal homes

Judy Allen and Simon Mendez. |

Bird guide of North America

by Jonathan Alderfer. |

Kids meet the snakes

Andra Serlin Abramson ; photographs by Chris Mattison. |

Harp seals

by Elaine Landau. |

Follow that map!

Scot Ritchie. |

The wind at work

Gretchen Woelfle. |

365 simple science experiments with everyday materials

by E. Richard Churchill, Louis V. Loeschnig, and Muriel Mandell ; illustrated by Frances Zweifel. |

Pluto's secret

by Margaret Weitekamp with David DeVorkin ; illustrated by Diane Kidd. |

Their skeletons speak

Sally M. Walker, Douglas W. Owsley. |

Gross recipes

by Kelsi Turner Tjernagel. |

Face bug

poems by J. Patrick Lewis ; photographs by Frederic B. Siskind ; illustrations by Kelly Murphy. |

Friends of the earth

Pat McCarthy. |

Wild tracks!

Jim Arnosky. |

Gross science projects

by Jodi Lyn Wheeler-Toppen. |

Too hot? too cold?

Caroline Arnold ; Illustrated by Annie Patterson. |

Here come the humpbacks!

April Pulley Sayre ; illustrated by Jamie Hogan. |

Many biomes, one earth

Sneed B. Collard III ; illustrated by James M. Needham. |

Your healthy plate.

by Katie Marsico. |

Where animals live

Brenda Stones and Thea Feldman. |


Thea Feldman. |

Monkey colors

Darrin Lunde ; illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne. |

Caribou of the Arctic

Sara Swan Miller. |