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The human brain book

Rita Carter, Susan Aldridge, Martyn Page, Steve Parker ; consultants, Professor Chris Frith, Professor Uta Frith, and Dr. Melanie Shulman. |

The complete magician's tables

by Stephen Skinner. |

Barefoot Gen.

Keiji Nakazawa ; translated by Project Gen. |

Writing your resume

by Howard Simon. |

Writing skills

Josâe Paulo Moreira de Oliveira and Carlos Alberto Paula Motta. |

Thinking creatively

George P. Boulden. |

Strategic management

Kevan Williams. |


Eric Baron. |

Project management

Peter Hobbs. |


Aileen Pincus. |

Positive thinking

Susan Quilliam. |


Michael Benoliel and Wei Hua. |

Motivating people

Robert Heller. |

Managing people

Phillip L. Hunsaker & Johanna S. Hunsaker. |

Managing meetings

Tim Hindle. |

Manage your time

Tim Hindle. |

Making decisions

Robert Heller. |

Interviewing skills

Tim Hindle. |

Interviewing people

DeeDee Doke. |


John Bessant. |

Influencing people

Roy Johnson & John Eaton. |

Improving your memory

David Thomas. |

Green business

Bibi van der Zee. |

Dealing with e-mail

David Brake. |

Communicating clearly

Robert Heller. |

Balancing work and life

Robert Holden & Ben Renshaw. |

Achieving high performance

Mike Bourne & Pippa Bourne. |

Understanding consumer rights

Nicolette Parisi and Marc Robinson. |

Financial aid for college

Ronald W. Johnson and Marc Robinson. |

Buying the best home

Joe Breckner and Marc Robinson. |

The boys' book

written by Dominique Enright and Guy Macdonald ; illustrated by Nikalas Catlow. |

Real estate investing for dummies

Eric Tyson and Robert S. Griswold. |