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Bad behavior

Mary Gaitskill. |


edited by Deborah Noyes. |

7 miles a second

text: David Wojnarowicz ; art: James Romberger ; color: Marguerite Van Cook. |

Ray Bradbury's Something wicked this way comes

Ron Wimberly ; introduction by Ray Bradbury. |

The movie brats

[by] Michael Pye and Lynda Myles. |

On film-making

Alexander Mackendrick ; edited by Paul Cronin ; foreword by Martin Scorsese. |

Salamander dream

by Hope Larson. |


Hope Larson ; lettered by Jason Azzopardi. |


Tina Fey. |

Ed the happy clown

Chester Brown. |

Dear creature

Jonathan Case. |

The girl's like spaghetti

Lynne Truss ; illustrated by Bonnie Timmons. |

Twenty-odd ducks

by Lynne Truss ; illustrated by Bonnie Timmons. |

Punk rock & trailer parks

written and drawn by Derf. |

My friend Dahmer

[text and illustrations] by Derf Backderf ; [editor, Charles Kochman]. |

It chooses you

Miranda July ; with photographs by Brigitte Sire. |

Alan's war

Emmanuel Guibert ; translation, Kathryn Pulver ; lettering, Câeline Merrien. |

The photographer

Emmanuel Guibert, Didier Lefáevre, Frâedâeric Lemercier ; translated by Alexis Siegel. |


by Craig Thompson. |

The Twelve

writer, J. Michael Straczynski ; penciler, Chris Weston ; inkers, Garry Leach with Chris Weston ; colorist, Chris Chuckry ; letterer, Jimmy Betancourt. |

Earth one

written by J. Michael Straczynski ; pencils by Shane Davis ; inks by Sandra Hope ; colors by Barbara Ciardo ; lettered by Rob Leigh. |

Coin locker babies

Ryåu Murakami ; translated by Stephen Snyder. |


Ryu Murakami ; translated by Ralph McCarthy. |

Popular hits of the Showa era

Ryu Murakami ; translated by Ralph McCarthy. |


Marguerite Abouet & Clâement Oubrerie ; [translation by Helge Dascher]. |

Aya of Yop City

Marguerite Abouet & Clâement Oubrerie. |


Marguerite Abouet & Clâement Oubrerie ; [translation by Helge Dascher]. |

King City.

Brandon Graham ; editors, Troy Lewter & Rob Tokar ; letterer, Lucas Rivera ; graphic designer, Louis Csontos. |


Brian Selznick. |


Chuck Palahniuk. |

Tales of the Batman

Tim Sale, with the talents of Alan Grant ... [et al.] ; introduction by Richard Starkings. |

Kevin Keller

story and pencils by Dan Parent ; inking by Rich Koslowski ; lettering by Jack Morelli ; coloring by Digikore Studios. |

Batman, hush

Jeph Loeb, writer ; Jim Lee, penciller ; Scott Williams, inker ; Richard Starkings, letterer ; Alex Sinclair, colorist. |


Jeph Loeb, writer ; Jim Lee, penciller ; Scott Williams, inker ; Richard Starkings, letterer ; Alex Sinclair, colorist ; Jim Lee & Scott Williams, original series covers ; Batman created by Bob Kane. |

MySpace Dark horse presents.

writers, Mike Mignola ... [et al.] ; artists, Will Conrad ... [et al.]. |


written by Harvey Pekar and Heather Roberson ; illustrated by Ed Piskor. |

Batman: The man who laughs

Ed Brubaker, writer ; Dough Mahnke, Patrick Zircher, pencillers ; Dough Mahnke, Aaron Sowd, Steve Bird, inkers ; David Baron, Jason Wright, colorists ; Rob Leigh, Todd Klein, letterers. |

Superman : whatever happened to the man of tomorrow? : the deluxe edition

Alan Moore, writer ; Curt Swan ... [et al.], artists ; Gene D'Angelo, Tom Ziuko, Tatjuna Wood, colorists ; Todd Klein, Dave Gibbons, John Costanza, letterers. |


by Alan Moore ; illustrated by Joe Bennett with Rick Veitch. |

Stranger than fiction

Chuck Palahniuk. |

The invention of Hugo Cabret

by Brian Selznick. |

The nobody

written and illustrated by Jef Lemire ; letters by Sean Konot. |


based on the novel by Neil Gaiman ; adapted and illustrated by P. Craig Russell ; colorist, Lovern Kindzierski ; letterer, Todd Klein. |

Return to Perdition

writer, Max Allan Collins ; art, Terry Beatty ; letters, Clem Robins. |

99 days

writer, Matteo Casali ; art, Kristian Donaldson ; letters, Clem Robins. |