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Formal Logic

22 items

Meta math!

Gregory Chaitin. |


Rebecca Goldstein. |


John Nolt, Dennis Rohatyn, Achille Varzi. |

Methods of mathematical physics,

by R. Courant and D. Hilbert. |

Essays on the life and work of Newton,

by Augustus De Morgan, ed., with notes and appendices, by Philip E. B. Jourdain ... |

The mathematical analysis of logic

George Boole ; with a new introduction by John Slater. |

Not exactly

Kees van Deemter. |

The story of numbers

John McLeish. |

Logical papers

Leibniz ; a selection translated and edited with an introduction by G.H.R. Parkinson. |

The metaphysical foundations of logic

Martin Heidegger ; translated by Michael Heim. |


Translated from the German by K. J. Northcott and P. G. Lucas. |

Handbook of the history of logic.

edited by Dov M. Gabbay and John Woods. |