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BKLYN Librarians Fiction/Non-Fiction/Graphic Novel Picks for Children 2013

A list of fantastic middle grade fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels from 2013 chosen by the children's librarians of the Brooklyn Public Library.

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Lulu and the cat in the bag

Hilary McKay ; illustrated by Priscilla Lamont. |

When a cat is mysteriously left on Lulu's doorstep, she does the only thing she can: take him in and give him a good home.


Kirby Larson. |

Hobie makes the hardest decision he's ever had to make: to give his beloved dog up for the war effort in WWII.

Listening for Lucca

Suzanne LaFleur. |

When Siena's family moves to Maine so her mute brother can get the care he needs, she is pulled into the world of the dead girl who lived in the house before her.

Ghost Hawk

Susan Cooper. |

When disease destroys Little Hawk's tribe, he seeks refuge with his grandmother in a nearby village where his troubles are just beginning.

Serafina's promise

by Ann E. Burg. |

A heartbreaking and hopeful story of a young girl in Haiti who wants to become a doctor to help out her people during tough times.

Doll bones

Holly Black ; with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler. |

A group of friends go on a journey to satisfy the demands of a doll possessed by a ghost.


written by Chris A. Bolton ; art by Kyle Bolton. |

What happens when a bullied young boy gets the powers of his favorite superhero?


George O'Connor. |

The fifth volume in the Olympians series, Poseidon: Earth Shaker tells the riveting story of the sea king.

Monster on the hill

Rob Harrell. |

A funny look at the monsters who terrorize English towns and those that help them become better monsters.

Medgar Evers and the NAACP

by Gary Jeffrey ; illustrated by Nick Spender. |

A graphic novel version of the life of one of the unsung heroes of the civil rights movement and his involvement in the NAACP.

Fairy tale comics

[edited by Chris Duffy]. |

Your favorite fairy tales written and illustrated by your favorite comic book artists!

Donner dinner party

text and illustrations, Nathan Hale. |

What really happened to the Donner party on that snowy journey and what lead them to eat each other to survive?

On a beam of light

by Jennifer Berne ; illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky. |

As a young child, Albert Einstein found comfort in numbers & science and grew up to become the genius we know today.

Mister and Lady Day

Amy Novesky ; illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton. |

The story of a famous jazz singer and the dog that got her through some tough times.


David Macaulay with Sheila Keenan. |

Ever wonder what happens when you flush? Discover what happens in this interesting and fun book!

Fourth down and inches

Carla Killough McClafferty. |

A powerful book that describes how deadly football can sometimes be.

An eye for art


A great introduction to famous artists and their work. Each introduction has an easy art project for kids to try to perfect their eye for art.

Hey, Charleston!

Anne Rockwell ; illustrations by Colin Bootman. |

Tells the story of a "rag" to riches tale of a group of young orphans who formed a band in the 1800's. If you're interested in music history, you'll love this!