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From slave ship to Harvard

James H. Johnston. |

Mental illness

Noah Berlatsky, book editor. |

Understanding your right to freedom from searches

Brian Carson and Catherine Ramen. |

Law 101

Jay M. Feinman. |

A plague of prisons

Ernest Drucker. |


Victor M. Rios. |

Downsizing prisons

Michael Jacobson. |

National security, civil liberties and the war on terror

edited by M. Katherine B. Darmer and Richard D. Fybel. |


Alexandra Natapoff. |

Rights of the accused

Andrea Campbell. |

The Fourteenth Amendment

David L. Hudson, Jr. |

The Bill of Rights

written by Syl Sobel. |

Fifth Amendment

by Rich Smith. |

Inherently unequal

Lawrence Goldstone. |

The right to due process

edited by Kimberly Troisi-Paton. |

Rights at risk

David K. Shipler. |

Constitutional law for dummies

by Glenn C. Smith and Patricia Fusco. |


Michael Mello ; foreword by Mark E. Olive. |

One man's castle

Phyllis Vine. |

Arc of justice

Kevin Boyle. |

Clarence Darrow

Andrew E. Kersten. |

When you have to go to prison

by Margaret R. Kohut. |

Introduction to private investigation

by Joseph Anthony Travers. |

Unequal under law

Doris Marie Provine. |

Murdered by Mumia

Maureen Faulkner and Michael A. Smerconish. |

Sonia Sotomayor

Antonia Felix. |

Beyond the Rodney King story

prepared by Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. ... et al. ; Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. |

The dirty dozen

Robert A. Levy and William Mellor. |

Medical records and the law

William H. Roach, Jr. ... [et al.]. |

The rule of lawyers

Walter K. Olson. |

Misguided justice

Stephanie Bush-Buskette. |

Civil rights challenges of the 21st century

United States Commission on Civil Rights. |

Parenting in public

Donna Haig Friedman with Rosa Clark [et al.]. ; illustrations by Sarah Haig Friedman. |

Spies and lies

by Susan K. Mitchell. |