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My Favourite BSG Books!

Beacon Street Girls is one of my favourite series. But I don't like ALL the books so here are a couple of my favourite books in the series! :)

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Freestyle with Avery

by Annie Bryant. -- |

Avery heads off to Colorado to see her dad and is in for a suprise!

Charlotte in Paris

[by Annie Bryant ; illustration, Pamela M. Esty]. |

Charlotte goes to Paris, visits her best friend, looks for a cat and has a cool time!

Lucky charm

by Annie Bryant. -- |

The BSG's mascot Marty their belevod dog is missing!

Fashion frenzy

by Annie Bryant. -- |

Maeve and Katani go to New York and have a blast!

Ready, set, Hawaii

Annie Bryant. |

All of the Beacon Street Girls go on a cruise to Hawaii!

Lake Rescue

by Annie Bryant. -- |

The entire seventh grade go on a camping trip !


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